Typographic Infographic for Learning Languages

Very nice clean and clear piece of typography and infographic design here. This is an educational and typographic infographic available in four colour variations including one easy to print version. You can see all colour versions by visiting the link at the bottom of this post. Infographic designers WOND are responsible for this and I think they are definitely people to watch out for. Great designs that are clear and have a great sense of visual hiearchy and layout prowess. This infographic was designed to make it easy to learn the different parts of the body in Spanish. It was designed by WOND.co.uk and may end up as a series of language learning infographics. The human body is constructed from typography and so every part is clear to understand. I'm already saying brazo for arm and cabeza for head! Infographic-designers-Wond-designed-Partes-Del-Cuerpo-Parts-of-the-body-Spanish-Espanol-colourInfographic design by WOND

Infographic Police RATING: 8/10
Positives: Clear, clean, easy to read, cool use of typography
Against: Would like to see a whole series of these infographics helping people learn all sorts of aspects of the Spanish language.

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