Infographic Design - Evolution of Motorcycle Safety

So here we have a motorcycle infographic visualizing the evolution of safety. The peak of motorcycle deaths in the UK was in the 60s, could've had something to do with the hippy movement or the fact that learner riders weren't restricted to the size of engine so actually could ride anything from a vespa to a harley! The infographic design is ok and if you ride a motorbike I'm sure you'll find it fairly interesting but my favourite thing about the infographic is that it advertises an e-pitition which seeks to ensure biker safety by making biker related questions in driving tests compulsory. Personally I think this is hugely important for a better education of driver. Go to www.bikerpetition.co.uk to sign this petition and help improve motocycle safety in the UK. The Evolution of Motorcycle Safety

Infographic by Bennetts

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