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"The swiss army knife of professional presentation!"
See La Visioconférence en France infographic.
With the launch of OmniJoin, Brother offers HD video conferencing service to French SMEs. This online solution allows virtual meetings fast, reliable and secure, with HD video and audio quality broadband.
OmniJoin, an appropriate response to the needs of virtual meetings of French SMEs Recent research from IDC shows a growth in demand for video conferencing by SMEs. In France, 17.3% of them are already using this solution and 55.6% believe the use within five years. Today OmniJoin allows smaller firms or teams to save time and money by organizing virtual conferences where HD video and audio to broadband, as well as a full suite of collaboration tools offer a seamless experience as close as possible to a face to face trial For Free http://visioconference.brother.fr/

OmniJoin is based on technology Nefsis U.S. developers, pioneers in cloud videoconferencing and over the last ten years, have developed software that makes the extraordinary technology affordable for SMEs ambitious, "said Richard Thomas , Product Planning Manager at Brother International Europe Ltd.

Since Nefsis Brother bought last year, we worked with a team of developers in San Diego and Nagoya to improve the user experience, document sharing and interoperability. The result is a fantastic product at an affordable price for SMEs, which gives them access to a videoconferencing solution quality HD, whatever their size and resources, "he says.

• The HD video conferencing from anywhere
OmniJoin is a cloud service that offers true HD video quality, a broad-band sound and adequate security companies. It runs on regular fixed or portable computers with an Internet connection, regardless of location.

• Video and sound clarity incomparable
OmniJoin offers a sound and HD video and high-quality dynamically selects the optimal server for each conference, so that the lowest latency possible.

• Reliable, safe and compatible with computer facilities in place
OmniJoin was developed to adapt and work with corporate environments, so that the success rate of connections is optimal, even in locked-down environments.

• Scalable, interoperable hardware independent
Unlike standard integrated solutions, OmniJoin be used on PC and is designed to work with a standard equipment.

• Satisfied users
Brother has focused on the experience of the user OmniJoin to ensure that even technophobes can integrate it into their daily work without worrying. OmniJoin automatically creates a permanent conference room for each user This allows you to explore the features without having to organize conference. In addition, the unique address of the conference room can be added to customized signature to e-mail and be easily shared.
Additional features facilitate collaboration on a daily basis, including live sharing applications, documents , files and offices, but also powerful annotation tools and an integrated editor pdf documents. Conferences can be recorded in MPEG-4 format, downloaded, saved and modified.

And then?
Macintosh version and compatibility phonebridge * will be available in the coming months and mobile versions and tablets will be the first quarter of 2013. The next year, an extension of document handling capabilities will be integrated into the software, "says Richard Thomas.