Interactive Infographic Design - Raw Chocolate History

A new interactive infographic from the guys at WOND and raw chocolate company the Chocolution.
Click to see the fully interactive raw chocolate history infographic or to learn more about or buy raw chocolate.

It's a beautiful graphic but it's best to see the one on theChocolution.com website as it's interactive and you just have to hover the mouse over each picture on the circular timeline to get that little nugget of history, cool eh! I like the way the cocoa pods measure cocoa purity and cocoa processing level depending on their colour. There's a lot of information here and to understand, they seemed to have really wanted to give a complete picture of our 4000+ year history with the chocolaty temptress. Another cool design feature is that the timeline is circular as if it's going back on itself suggesting how our chocolate history is reverting back to ancient values, cool huh? Enjoy.


Burger Menu Infographic

MMM a burger menu infographic....Here's a bit of good, honest information design from the good honest fellows at Honest Burgers in Brixton (London, UK) have a deliciously designed menu, simple easy to read and understand and a joy to peruse with a little extra flavour than your average menu list layout.

There's something just a bit more satisfying about an infographic when the result is a tasty burger! Just look the fine grilled example! Delicous menu design and a truly delicious burger, go to Brixton market now and enjoy the rosemary chips too!!