Animated Infographic: Water Cycle

This animation is part of a 6min vid developed by different studios. This part explains the process water goes through in La Comunidad de Madrid. Everything from collection through to purification.

Client: Canal Isabel II - cyii.es
Production company: lalivingston - lalivingston.com
Our role: Art direction, Design, 3D & Motion graphics
Music: Metronomy 'the end of you too' - myspace.com/​metronomy
Additional 3D modeling & texturing: Rafael Carmona - behance.net/​carmona


Full Fat Infographic

You want cheese with that!? What skills! Packaging designer Audrée Lapierre and author of The Art of Packaging marks his territory with this inspired method of displaying nutritional data. Sainsburys please take note.


Some Linkbait about Linkbait

A clever and novel idea to illustrate the value of linkbait using the url maggot itself. Voltier designed this friendly and informative piece thankfully breaking the mundanity of social media stat infographics plaguing our screens.

Voltier Creative


Fear the Interactive Infographic

DISCLAIMER: This post does not intend to offend anyone based on their regioal location. All comments are made in jest and have nothing to do with an innate loathing for Oasis or Football.

The Home Office have released this wonderfully info transparent interactive infographic on crime. It's content rich although it looks like it was designed pre-floppy-disc-age. Have a play and revel in the fact you aren't form Manchester!