Ice Cream Poster Design

Everyones favourite, ICE CREAM!!! This lovely poster design is from the guys at WOND. There's also a version for web dsigners including all the hex numbers giving you a tasty colour palette to design with. 


Euro Crisis Debt Infographic

Loving this cool easy to read (quite vintage) design, turns out the Euro crisis is still going on. I wonder what the 2012 figures look like on this map now....could be due an update. To be fair most European countrys' debt didn't dramatically increase over the 10 years shown and in some cases, like Belgium and Slovakia national debt was less than 10 years prior as a percentage of its GDP. Spain has shifted much in 10 years with just over 60% of its annual GDP as debt. I can understand why people are so concerned with Greece with 144% of GDP as debt but I don't no why so many people are alarmed with Spain's economy, bail out this and PIGS that, when many countries like the UK and France have worse positions debt/gdp wise.