Employment graph throws us back a few hundred years!

Burn bras gals coz the data don't lie! For years we've heard girl power but turns out it's done diddly squat for employment. The only conclusion; do what you want, don't let any MAN or WOMEN stand in your way.


British Left Stranded In Libya

Apparently oilmen in the Libyan desert are the big problem now according to the Times. I'm sure the people of Libya and surrounding countries are far more up sh*t creek though. Those brave people risking their lives atm for change.

This infographic is about how lax we've been getting our people out of Libya while the rest of the world has been evacuating quick-smart.


UKs 'controlled exports' to Middle East & North Africa

This map shows the value of UK licenses under the strategic exports scheme, which manages the sale of 'controlled' items around the world. It covers everything from radioactive material to guns and military software. 

As fighter jets screamed overhead and tanks churned up the sand, it looked and sounded like the violent protests sweeping the Middle East had spread to the wealthy emirate of Abu Dhabi.
But this was Idex 2011, the Middle East's biggest arms fair. The show of arms was choreographed for the benefit of thousands of arms dealers in dark suits and sunglasses, who marvelled at how it was all synchronised to a booming hip-hop soundtrack. Read More at the Guardian

Welfare State AY, Government Spending Infographic

Caught in the Independent today: Government Spending by Department. Turns out Welfare is the greatest benefactor but this funding seems to be focussed on kicking people out of bed or incapacity benefit and into work. Hop to it!

click image to enlarge

Yoda or the Pope? Is there really a choice


Mercedes Left Brain Right Brain

Infographic designers WOND.co.uk chose this as one of their favourite images of 2011. Ultimately they find a balance between left and right brain partnerships. For excellent design you need to incorporate and harmonise both aesthetics and technicalities/function to achieve the best outcome. For a great infographic or data visualisation you need a fantastic team. You need the creative, colourful cloud gazers as well as the mathematical zero's and one peeps. You also need a project manager or art director with a balance of both but then again that's design through and through, the designer crafts not only beauty but function and not only function but functionality that is so intuitive, seamless and at one with the curves that it makes the curves all the more beautiful until line matches shape pings off shadow and radiance volcano explodes and voila una infographico perfecto!

 Awesome illustrations, cool ads, deliciously informative, my brain won't stop dribbling....mmmmmm...I am the right brain. I am creativity. A free spirit, yeeeeha.
Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv, Israel
Chief Creative Director: Gideon Amichay
Executive Creative Director: Tzur Golan
Creative Director: Yariv Twig
Art Directors: Gil Aviyam, Dror Nachumi
Illustrators: Gil Aviyam, Lena Guberman
Copywriters: Sharon Refael, Oren Meir


Give Me a Kit Kat: No More Smoking and UK Cuts

With all this austerity surely smoking will make a comeback, the UK gov could certainly do with more tax revenue! Check these graphics found in the Independent today. For all you male quitters out there I'm sure you'll be proud of the graph (it's good to see we're living longer lads!) but who can be proud of a UK economy in ruins...apart from the French and the Americans.


is it the Times to explain the Big Society

'Big Society' or 'Poor Out of Work and Got Nothing Better To Do Now But Volunteer Society'? We got way toooo fat in the last boooom and have been on the cross trainer ever since the crash

There's no harm in community nor government getting out our way, letting us live more effieciently but as we face libraries closing and dwindling numbers of police, how much confidence can we have in an idea 'for the people' ordered from above?

So anyway caught this infographic to show how our BIG society will work, thanks to the Times;
click on Big Society infographic to increase depression


What a Classic Infographic

Well you can't beat the simple things in life. A beard is macho, free, easy and so customizable! Yes it's over two years old but the Chief hasn't been blogging long and this is sure to last the test of time, although it is omitting some of the wispy grace of our favourite samurai masters. Wouldn't mind some detailed instructions on achieving the Napoleon III Imperial too...

via Jon Dyer's Blog, awesome!


Will the real Police Infographic please stand up!

http://www.police.uk/ is a new resource for anyone to see how dangerous their area is at street level. So finally we can determine whether we want to step outside our doors ever again...luckily you can't break down the search into muder, rape or stabbing offences. The data is superimposed onto google maps and is a clean, clear and intuitive UI. Bit more slick than their previous attempt at an interactive infographic.

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