Birthstones Infographic - What Birthstone Are You?

12 Months Of Facts About Birthstones in an infographic making it clear and easy to discover and learn more about your birthstone...interesting ey. . . .After doing some stoney being born research (well a wikipedia search) I found out that a person's birthstone differs depending on culture, religion, time zone, you know, the usual so this infographic is lacking some vital juice if you ask me...

It's super long and slim but enlarges to a normal size and not the most groundbreaking design but at least it is clear and easy to understand and it didn't take anytime to find my birthstone and learn more so fair play.

It could have had a more exciting layout, I always like a circle or clock dial style for these so it's easy to see all the birthstones at once, PLUS they could've included the different birthstones dependent on culture and ting this way, BUT it makes adding the copy really tricky...so understandable why they didn't bother.

I'm thinking clock dial comparing stones, months and cultures and then a grid of meanings like above but maybe 3 columns instead of 1 and 4 rows all sitting beneath the clock dial, calendar circlular thang...mm

Infographic Police Rating: 5/10
Pluses: Clear, Legible, Straight to the point.
Minuses: Design not developed and missing that content richness that makes us go WOW!

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