Happiness & Sunshine Infographic

Vain showcase of my Arena-Quantum work for Fly Thomas Cook...I worked with Leigh on this project from last November. At Quantum we had idea collisions, ravaging research and idea infernos until concept got nailed and data tracked down. With data and concept in hand I tracked down the hottest, rockin, design/illustration talent out there, had some tea, biscuits, words and dreams until Willy Wonka production process was complete. Bang, hey presto what do you thinko?

There aren't many infographics as pleasing to the eye as this one designed for Fly Thomas Cook by Leigh Riley. It's full of fun and interesting facts about sunshine and the circular graph at the top proves there's really no correlation between sunshine, life satisfaction and life expectancy but it's good to find out where on earth you can find a balance between these factors...there are some x-fac details too; the slightly grubby hand smudges around the edges of the paper, the Thomas cook stamp at the top or luggage label at the bottom. The Top 5 Destinations are a nice touch too with the bright yellow flight paths revealing the data. Tip top ten outa ten Leigh!

Infographic brought to you by flythomascook.com

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