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Online Infographic Submissions:

  • £15: Infographic posted on this blog within 14 days of submission.
  • £50: Infographic post with 1 anchor text link will be posted within 48 hours of submission.
  • £200: Infographic will be posted with up to 3 anchor text links and a 300 word article. Will be posted on a date decided by you. 

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Please send a brief description of your infographic and your extra details for submissions, suggestions or fantasies to VisualChief {at} gmail {dot} com

NOTE: All posts (if posted) will  be permanent as long as Google don't start charging me for my blog! Rest assured I will not lie or dress things up for $$$. This is a visual blog about visualization or is it visualisation, anyway, and my take on it, no one elses. Gracias,

The Chief
P.S: No refunds.