America's Most Haunted Locations Infographic Design

A fun and spooky infographic from the people at homesecurity.io - America's Most Haunted Locations - maybe not something to read before bed time! I think their could be a horror movie made for each of these haunted properties......stay safe people!


Cool Construction Tech - Infographic Design

An infographic looking at some 'cool' construction tech but missing out some even cooler ones I've seen recently, like the road printer that actually prints out brick laid roads AND the chinese train bridge builder, google them they are ace! This does have a few interesting examples but come on Tunnel Boring machines are old news, like Channel Tunnel old.... :)


Long Term Business Success Infographic Design

Running a business involves a degree of foresight. As today’s marketplace become more and more competitive, business owners face a number of hurtles over the horizon. More and more mom and pop stores are no longer able to keep their doors open. One of the reasons why is the inability to adapt to change. It’s not enough to just provide a good service or product; consumers expect variety and that includes in their payment options. Targeted Merchant Solutions assists large and small businesses to succeed by providing affordable, secure and convenient merchant equipment, merchant services and marketing services. Other providers may bill hidden fees or charge high equipment rental prices; but TMS does neither. Business success is what matters; Targeted Merchant Solutions delivers.  


Home Energy and ADT Pulse Infographic Design

Combine "green" living with mobile technology and you have all of the features of ADT Pulse. It gives you the ability to manage your thermostat, lights and appliances via an Internet-enabled mobile device. Now, your tablet, PC or smartphone can give you remote control access into your home— no matter your location. Never worry about the lights being left on or forgetting to turn off an appliance. ADT Pulse helps protect your home with the press of a button. Your safety is conveniently located in your own hands. It will conveniently help you save money on your future home energy bills too!
This infographic design has been created by Security Alarms and Monitoring company homesecurity.io, an ADT Authorized Seller.